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Flag Football Program

We Host Flag Football Year Around!

Our flag football leagues introduces a wide range of skills throughout the week including passing, receiving and deflagging, with a strong focus on the rules of the game. Games are held on Sunday evening starting at 12pm.  Coaches encourage good sportsmanship and Character first. Community Evolve Flag football program is appropriate for players ranging from beginners, to those already well versed in the sport. 

Summer Flag June 18th - Aug 7th 

Spring Flag Season March 21st - May 16th 

School Season Sept 12th- Nov 7th 

Winter Season Dec 4th - Feb 5th  


CE Youth Basketball

Jump In

Youth Basketball League

Spring Ball: March 14th - May 2nd 

Summer Ball : June 1st - July 15th 

(Ages 4-11) Our league features:

• At least one  practice during the week and games on Saturdays

• Six games per session (some sessions offer a bonus game for a total of 7 games)

• Trained volunteer coaches

• Trained officials

• Good sportsmanship and CE Character First  values modeled and promoted

• Fundamentals and a focus on new skill development

• Scores are kept and winners are decided. we focus on teaching real life principals , humbleness in victory and encouragement in defeat. 

• Registration includes, games ref fees, award ceremony and Team shirt. 

Early Registration Discounts Apply 4 weeks before start of season. 



Register NOW 


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