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CE Rules 2022 : CE Flag Rules 2022

Additional Amends and Rule Add Ons

Our Leagues age Groups are as follow;                3-4yr 5-7yr  8-10yr, 11-13yr 15u

  • Age Cutoff Date is determined by what age an athlete will be on 4 weeks prior to the day of thier Registration and Payment.

  • No Team may register more than 2 months before the first game of the season. 

Multiple Teams In 1 Age Group Organizations with multiple teams in 1 age group are only allow a maximum of 2 players to play multiple age groups each week, if deemed necessary by head coach. A team that allow more then two players to play multiple games a single weekend can result in forfiet or suspension of players.

In cases of forfiet of the day of game, the forfeiting team will still be charged the Officials Gameday fee of $10.

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