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CE Rules 2022 : CE Flag Rules 2022


Our Leagues age Groups are as follow;                3-4yr 5-7yr  8-10yr, 11-13yr 15u

  • Age Cutoff Date is determined by what age an athlete will be on 4 weeks prior to the day of thier Registration and Payment.

  • No Team may register more than 2 months before the first game of the season. 

Multiple Teams In 1 Age Group Organizations with multiple teams in 1 age group are only allow a maximum of 2 players to play multiple age groups each week, if deemed necessary by head coach. A team that allow more then two players to play multiple games a single weekend can result in forfiet or suspension of players.

In cases of forfiet of the day of game, the forfeiting team will still be charged the Officials Gameday fee of $10.

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UPDATED 6/26/2023

1.) All fines given out have been raised to $100 per fine, (this will still be at the HEAD Official discretion to lower fine). 

2.) Any fine or unsportsmanlike penalty given to a team's (Sideline) will also result in an Ejection for fined parent/coach and /or player.(this will still be at the HEAD Official discretion to eject parent or not based on each case of severity). 

3a.) Any ejected player/parent or coach must immediately leave the field 

3b.) If player/parent or coach doesn't immediately leave field after ejection game is stopped and team receives a forfeit.

Please make sure your team if aware of these updates. 


Excessive Heat Game Protocol (EHGP)


During the course of Gameday If temperatures reach 103 degrees or more , the Game during that time will go into EHGP.

The following are the protocols and game operations under this procedure.

    1. Each Team will recieve 3 time out per 2 quarters.

    2. Game will be broken into 4 , 10 minute quarters.

    3. There will be a 2 minute break at the end of each quarter. 

    4. Coaches will be given 2 Water Timeouts.

           A. Water timeouts are 60 seconds.

           B. Players must exit field to bench and get water, but coach MUST STAY ON FIELD. (This is not a game play)

          C. If Coach exit the  field with players or huddle up during the 60 second Water timeout, official will charge team with a game timeout.               

CE Rules 2022 : About Us
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